Hotel Rural Quinta de Novais

Hotel Rural Quinta de Novais is located in the heart of Arouca Geopark, with Arouca Monastery and near the "Serra da Freita" and "Parideiras stones" and "Frecha da Mizarela", the Paiva River and its rapids, the museum of Trilobites.

The regional cuisine is one of the strengths of the region (arouquesa veal and convent confectionery sweets).

The Hotel offers its guests a wide area of ​​active recreation, including swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi and golf (pich'n'put).

We have at your disposal 16 rooms, restaurant, meeting room, gym, pool, jacuzzi, golf (pich'n'put) and outdoor activities (hiking, mountain biking, rafting, canyoning, climbing and slide).

  • Restaurant Hotel Rural Quinta de Novais

    The restaurant Hotel Rural Quinta de Novais is open daily, at lunch and dinner.

    The dining-room, which locates where the old wine cellar used to be, is wide for the thirty two seated places. It has a huge window on the east wall, air conditioner and a fireplace. In here you can appreciate, taking your time, some of the regional delicacies: veal, kid, smoked meats and regional desserts.

    Contact us:

    Phone: +351 256 940 100


  • Geopark Arouca

    Arouca Geopark, corresponding to the administrative area of the Municipality of Arouca, is renowned for its exceptional geological heritage of international significance, in particular the giant Trilobite of Canelas, the Castanheira?s ?Pedras Parideiras? and the ichnofossils of Paiva valley.

    The rich geological and natural heritage inventory, entailing a total of 41 geological features, is the basis for Arouca Geopark project, along with a development strategy for the territory which will ensure its protection, promotion and use. There are other important assets such as archaeological, ecological, historical, sporting and cultural activities and the facilitation of ethnography, crafts and cuisine of the region, which complement the touristic offer of Arouca Geopark paving the way for a high quality tourism based on the values of nature and culture.
    Many of these sites of interest are integrated in a comprehensive network of walking trails (13 in total), contributing for the development and promotion of this priceless heritage.
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